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Innovative virtual training solutions designed to keep your employees safe.

Beyfilmz 360 is your partner in providing superior virtual training for your employees through interactive, immersive, and innovative training solutions using virtual tours.

— What we do

We provide you the tools to train your employees virtually.

Every construction site or manufacturing plant requires each employee to undergo a rigorous training program while on the job. Many times these are high-pressure, fast-paced, and dangerous situations where your employees need to learn. With Beyfilmz 360’s full-service virtual training services, we ensure your employees get the same expert training without jeopardizing your worksite safety. Working with your team, we develop and publish immersive, interactive virtual tours to provide expert, high-quality training and safety awareness that keeps your business running and your employees safe.

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Virtual Learning 

77% of US corporations used online learning, but 98% planned to incorporate it in their program by 2020.

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Using the most advanced 360-degree photography technology, we work side by side with every client to create a virtual training experience that is fully immersive, interactive, and educational. We custom tailor and build every virtual tour we do complete with features such as E-learning with LMS integration, hotspots, animated panorama capabilities, and more to create truly scalable training with content that sticks. Whether your employees are using their home computers, smartphones, or tablets, our virtual training tools work on them all.

Why are virtual training tours useful?

Designed to keep your employees safe.

provide you the tools to train your employees virtually.

Discovery learning, remote field trips, facility tours, training simulations, health & safety quizzes and hazard hunts

Trainees will get to feel the atmosphere of the location before they arrive.

Interactive simulations that no videos or photos could allow

innovative and progressive

No matter what service your business provides, we can visit and capture your space. Contact us to learn more.

— Benefits

Train your employees without jeopardizing your workplace safety.

Powerful Hotspots

Hotspots are the backbone of your virtual training tours. They’re designed to allow your employees to interact with the screen by clicking on objects inside the scene and gain knowledge or insight that you want them to. We can assign many custom actions to a hotspot in your training tour from pop-ups with detailed imagery, an information window, or even play a video or audio

360° Video IncludingLive Hotspots

Think of these as an ultra-powerful tool to further immerse your employee . Need to capture the feeling of your fast-paced manufacturing line, but don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your trainees? Beyfilmz 360 uses the most advanced 360° video technology to capture the entire scene in detail and allows you to customize hotspots that give more detail on the training you want to highlight.


When every employee is expertly trained and understands your company’s safety protocols and practices, you’re able to operate more efficiently. And do it while keeping every employee safe. Whether you choose to train your employees remotely through our immersive e-learning training tours or on-site virtually, we use cutting-edge technology to keep your employees safe.

Provide a Realistic Experience

This technology helps create an experience that no video or photo or documentation can allow.


— Our Process

Discover the Beyfilmz 360 difference in your factory today and transform the way your employees train and learn.

Book your Service


Book your Service


We will capture your space


We will capture your space & training material


View and Share


View and Share



Book your Service

Use our online services or contact us to submit your specifics and request a quote.  Our team of experts will reach out to schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation.

We work closely with your team members and staff to determine the training approach. We work with your existing training material or create new material that will be processed into the virtual training experience.

— Why choose us

We us modern technology & creative methods to enhance training and safety.

training solutions designed to keep your employees safe

Excellent Quality Work

Reliable And Trusted

The Helpful And Friendly Team

Professional Production

Committed To Innovation & Progression

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